Finnish Guests visited Cinkota

In order to keep up our relationship, Leena and Seppo Salmensaari visited the Cinkota church on 22nd September, 2013. They brought the greetings of Tapiola and prepared the visit of Cinkota delegation on 13th October as Päivi Linnoinen, the newly elected leading pastor, will be insalled into her new job.

Bear one another's burdens

This was the message of Seppo who performed an address during the service in Cinkota church on 22nd September, after a week-long visit in Hungary.

Leena and Seppo have been contact persons between Tapiola and Cinkota for 1996 when the partnership had been established.

Now, they came for a private stay but they also wanted to see the members of the congregation.

Seppo shared his recent experience in a confirmation camp this summer. They were talking about bearing burdens in a Christian way. He applied the Bible text also to the contacts being kept between to two churches (Tapiola and Cinkota).

We hope that also with the newly elected leading pastor we can continue and renew our relationship.


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